Pro Forms | Error message: REST API has been restricted to authenticated users

I’m creating a contact form on my website using Pro Forms, and it works well when I’m logged in. But if I’m not logged in I have an error every time I fill the form and press Send: REST API has been restricted to authenticated users.

Any idea what can be happening? Thank you so much!

Hey Mikaela! :slight_smile: Welcome here in the forum!

Regarding your issue: seems that you’ve setup a security plugin which is blocking the REST API for non authenticated users. After disabling this (or adding some excluding logic), the form should work as expected.

Kind regards

Hi Daniele!
Thank you so much for your response :slight_smile:
I tried disabling Wordfence Security and I still have the issue. Any other idea what this can be?

Thank you so much!

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Did you clear the cache after disabling the plugin? :slight_smile: Otherwise, feel free to open a ticket sending admin access and I’ll take a closer look :+1:

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I did but I still cannot make it work. I just sent the ticket. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking a look!!

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