[Pro Forms] File Element bugs

My form present 2 bugs with the “File” element in Bricks Builder:

1. After selecting a file and then removing it, the previews (file name and image) of the next files that are selected is not shown.

I think that the upload of new files is blocked after having selected and removed the first file and that is why nothing is previewed, but I am not sure about this.

File Element is configurated to be capable of upload only 1 file. “Replace file”, “Hide file name text preview”, “Hide Image Preview” and “Disable file deletion” are disable.

2. Removing a file with the remove button of the file name preview only remove the file name preview but not the image preview.

While removing a file with the “X” button of the *image preview" remove both: file name and image. preview. This second result is the desired one, but the first is not.

Hey @ruffzen

Thanks very much for reporting this! I can confirm both issues and will fix them probably in the next version :slight_smile:

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Thank you Daniele

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