Pro Forms File Upload Failure

Hi, I’ve built an application form and would like to allow users to upload photos using the form. The form submits without any problems if I don’t attempt to attach any files via File Upload. However, if I attach a file using the File Upload field and then hit submit, the form never submits.

I get the following error in the browser console:

Any insights?

This is the issue that ive had right now. @Daniele is working on this matter.

Thank you @bordzee!

Hey! :slight_smile: Hmm…if seeing your error message this could be a different issue as mentioned here: Pro Forms File Upload Error - #4 by Daniele Could you send me access so that I could take a look on this?

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@fredcamino For some reason, on your server the fileinfo extension (PHP: Fileinfo - Manual) has been explicitly disabled. This PHP extension is quite commonly used and is included and enabled by default as of PHP 5.3.0. It provides functions to determine the type of a file, and many applications might rely on it to validate file uploads, among other things.

So please keep in touch with your server provider and ask him to activate this extension. Then, everything should work as expected :slight_smile:

Thank you, enabling fileinfo extension in the PHP fixed this issue.

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Great to hear! :slight_smile: