Pro Forms Honey Pot

I use turnstile and captcha on forms, but sometimes the spam bots are able to submit a form.
I would like to implement a proper honey pot with Pro Forms as an additional layer of spam identification.

Here is my current workflow:
-When a Pro Form is submitted, the data is sent to a CRM with a webhook.
-I have a text field that is hidden using CSS that bots will fill out. It is an optional field.
-If the field is populated with data, then the CRM marks it as “Spam Likely”

Is there any other workflows to add honey pot fields to Pro Forms? I am not sure if the hidden field will accept inputs from bots.

Another idea I had was to create an optional field, hide it, and then add a submit condition to stop the form submission if there is a value in the hidden field. This is currently working, but there is alot of hacky stuff going on to hide the field becuase each field gets a style attribute of display:flex and then there is some CSS to display:flex the form fields.

Thanks for the help everyone!



Hey John! I find your current approach clean enough and much better as using Submit Conditions. If this works for you, I would go exactly this way :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply Daniele,

I suppose my two problems with my home grown honey pot solution are:

  1. accessibility
  2. no easy way to hide form fields that are not type “hidden”

I can add a label with Pro Forms that says something like “do not fill in this field” but i don’t think i can add the other needed attributes without some JS


Would an accessible honey pot field maybe make its way onto the road map?

here is a link I used for reference - Add an accessible honeypot field to your PHP form - Rachele DiTullio

Maybe move this to Feature request?
I’d certainly like it as I have given up on captchas - either not gdpr or too easy or too hard to solve. All they seem to do is annoy users. They don’t even stop all the bots.

I’m also interested in a honey pot solution. Because all captcha providers are located in USA. The best way is maybe a honeypot.

Yes, this is a good idea.

Agree. Added in the next version:


In order to use the honeypot, does it just need to be added inside the form and thats it? I dont see any other instructions showing with it. Is there another step or to just add?

That’s it :wink:

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Oh wow, how easy! Great.

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Is it only in nestable pro forms integrated? Or also in the “normal” Pro forms?

Nestable Forms only :slight_smile: