Pro Forms Image Checkbox / Radio Card bugs + improvements

Hello Daniele,

I’m working right now with the Image Checkbox and Image Radio elements and I noticed some things:

  1. Options in Image Checkbox are not rendered correctly.

  2. If I enter a label it will not show under the image.

  3. Probably no bug, but it is always neccessary to select a image in the Checked style tab. Otherwise no image is visible as an option. Here it would be nice to have the same styling options as in the card elements.

  4. No error message after submit as in other form fields (same for the Cards element), like this:

Hey :slight_smile:

Thanks very much!

  1. Caching issue?

  2. The label is not supposed to show for image checkboxes. If you need an image - value pair, use the normal checkbox, “Custom Style” and add an image as background image for the checkbox field.

  3. This is required for the image checkbox to work properly

  4. That’s the expected behavior, because the “real” form field is hidden. You need to include Pro Forms Validation here to show an error message.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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  1. Looks like a missing display:none for img[data-image=“2”]
  2. Thx
  3. Thx
  4. I searched everywhere but I cannot find the Pro Forms Validation :thinking:

Thank you!

  1. Tried several times. It looks fine out of the box. For some users I saw some data of older Bricksforge versions while they had installed the current one. In all cases it was a caching issue caused by Perfmatters or other caching plugins. Could you re-check that?

  2. Oh, my fault! This advanced validation works only for text related fields currently. In the next version which I deploy tomorrow, you can use it on radios and checkboxes as well :slight_smile:

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