Pro Forms Image Upload - Duplicates in ACF

Hi, in my form I have a File Upload field and it connects to a Create New Post action tied to an Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) image field. When I use the form to upload a single image, all goes as planned except that I end up with 15 versions of the exact same image in my Media Library.

If I instead link the Pro Forms field to the Post Thumbnail field of the new post, I only get two duplicates of the image in my Media Library.

Ideally I could use the ACF field and have only the single image uploaded to my library :grin:

Yep, been there done that :grin: I plan to write custom code for image housekeeping but would be better if I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

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Hah, okay, at least I’m not alone. The custom post populates with the image as expected, so no big deal other than my OCD.

Strange – I cannot reproduce it. Are they really duplicates? Or just the different resolutions which are created from WordPress?

All the duplicates are the exact same dimensions and file size. Each is appended with a number (ie. -1, -2… -15)

The duplicates happen whether I connect the File Upload field to ACF or Pods custom post types.

Here’s how my library looks: