[Pro Forms] Invalid field border color overridden by general border color

I building a form with the nestable Pro Forms. On the main Pro Form element under “Fields” I changed the border color to black (I’m using variables from Core Framework in case that matters) and left the rest at default. Then on the form elements I set the validation requirements, turned on all 3 toggles, and set the “Invalid Field Border” color to red with a thickness of 3 pixels. When I click away from the field the error message appears below it and the border thickens to 3px, but it remains black. When I remove the black color from the main Pro Forms element, then the invalid field border turn red and 3px as expected.

I tried setting the field border colors on the individual nested elements instead of the main one, but the same thing happens and the invalid border remains black. I didn’t test this on every different field type, but it has happened on every one that I’ve tried so far.

In the included screenshots the “Name” field has default border styles and the “Email” field has been changed to black.

Update, if I set a border width value for the fields along with the black color, that also overrides the 3px width I set on the Invalid Fields.