Pro Forms is touch-and-go

I’ve used Pro Forms to create a rather simple vendor application here: Vendor Application – Yay! Markets (

For the most part it’s been working, but we’ve had a handful of users facing issues, some that I’ve been able to replicate (although inconsistently) on my side.

The main issue has been the endless spinning wheel upon form submission that ends in the user finally giving up or reloading and trying again. Sometimes when this happens, the form is actually submitted to the backend, but the use never gets confirmation (and neither do I, I have to go the the backend to see that a form has been submitted despite having it set up to email me once a form is submitted).

So sometimes we end up with people trying over and over to submit the same form information, other times they give up and reach out to us, and we get the info over email. Not ideal.

I have a file upload field, and thought that maybe it’s related to folks uploading a bunch of files. But when I test on my side, it doesn’t seem to make a difference whether a single file or a bunch of files are uploaded. Sometimes it submits, other times the wheel keeps spinning.

The other issue, only one user has reported this, but I’ve been able to replicate it a few times on my side: the form simply won’t load and the user is faced with a blank spot on the page where it should be.

Hoping I can get some insight into what might be causing these issues. I love the integration of Pro Forms into Bricks, but the inconsistencies are making it not ideal for a live form that my end users have to deal with.

Hello Fredcamino,

i have similar issues. In my case also the spinning icon shows and nothing happens.
In my case it work again when i turn of hcaptcha. Without hcaptcha it seems to working all the time. If i turn hcaptcha on again it work for a day and now is the same problem again.

Do you also use hcaptcha? i tryed also turnstile, but here i only get error message and no turnstile widget is there.

@Daniele: it would be very nice if you can help us here

@Arakz Did you add the Turnstile Form Field to your form, as shown in the documentation? That’s a common issue why Turnstile is not working.

@fredcamino I will take a look on this. Do you use hCaptcha? Or are you using any other scripts or styles which are manipulating the form behavior in some way? Can you describe a way on how we can reproduce this issue?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

jab, sorry i didn’t saw that with the form field. But it doesn’t work neither in my case. turnstile widget is shown and with a green checkmark but the red message comes and nothing happens.(the icons spins endless).
I don’t know whats going on.

Can you send me Access in a DM? Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce it on my end. Turnstile, but also hcaptcha works as expected here.

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I have sent you a pm

In the case of @Arakz, the issue was due to its server configuration. I have now changed the method of communicating with hCaptcha and Turnstile servers. There are no more problems with this.

@fredcamino maybe the problem with your form is also caused by hCaptcha or Turnstile? If so, feel free to send me access. Then I’ll integrate the update for you to see if it solves the problem.

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Hi @Daniele and @Arakz, since I posted I’ve switched the form on the live page to another form plug-in since I heard from a few more applicants who thought they had submitted a form but it never made it to the database. So the link in the original post now leads to a form created in another plug-in.

I’ve added the Pro Forms form I was using to this page:

I had been using reCaptcha (not Turnstile or hCaptcha) but had turned that off last week – but after that I was still experiencing the issues. Unfortunately, as stated in the original post, the issues seems almost random. We had many submissions come in without issue, but a handful of others faced the problems described here. And on my own testing, sometimes the form would submit successfully and immediately, other times it would never submit.

I will DM you access @Daniele so you can take a look.

So unfortunately the fault is back. The form can not send, it look like this:

Hmm…this seems like a completely different issue as the one before. Will check it out.