[Pro Forms] Nestable Checkbox/Radio Wrapper Blank Values

When using the nestable checkbox wrapper and radio wrapper elements all of the checkboxes/radio buttons appear to have no value when they are submitted.

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Did you manually define a value for each child checkbox/radio? No value is the default initial state.

Hi Daniele,

Yes I tried both with nested checkbox/radio button elements and setting the values on the wrapper elements themselves but nothing came through using either method.

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Can you write step by step how to reproduce the issue? Checkboxes and Radios are working as expected for my tests.

Hi @Daniele , I’m facing the same problem. When a checkbox option is saved is saved as blank if the ACF field is checkbox too.

If I have an ACF field of type checkbox, from ProForms it is not saved correctly (it remains blank) but if the ACF field is of type Text, the ProForms value is saved correctly.

I think maybe it’s a bug?

Hi @noobato
Did you find a fix?
I’m having the same issue.