Pro Forms Nestable Submit Button


I am working with the new nestable submit button. There are two items here I wanted to look at to see if there might be a small bug.

  1. Styling - the submit button style does not apply to the button. E.g. I set a background color to white, but the button background color is grey.

  2. The button has an icon on the front end and no icon is set up in the builder.

Thank you,


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Hey John! Thanks!

The first one is expected. The “Style” group affects the wrapper of the submit button. This has technical needs. So to style your submit button, use the “Style” group in the “Content” tab. You should find all needed controls there.

The second one is a bug with the new “Loading Icon” control, which I unfortunately cannot reproduce. The custom loading icon should just replace the source, but not the behavior of the Bricks default loading icon. Can you find some CSS causing this?

I honestly don’t know how I missed number 1. Thanks for pointing that out.

For number 2, both the new form button and the original non nested submit button now show the loading icon. This is on with ACSS.

I haven’t found the CSS causing the icon to show prior to clicking submit. I’ll keep looking and report back.

Found the issue. It only happens if the CSS loading method is set to “External Files”. Fixed in v1.0.8 :slight_smile:

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