Pro Forms - Redirect not working with dynamic echo function

Hi there,
I’ve added a function that retrieves the post url based on the post ID that I’ve added as a parameter in the URL. However, when someone should get redirected it doesn’t work with the echo function as a URL:
The output of this function is just a plain URL.

The Redirect action is the native Bricks one. If you’re sure that get_post_url_from_r_id() definitely returns a valid URL, the Bricks Redirect actions is just not accepting dynamic data. Can you try the same with the native Bricks form?

Hi, same issue with native bricks form. It does accept dynamic data like {site_url}. However {echo} doesn’t seem to be one of them, even though it appears in the dropdown.
I’ll report this on the Bricks forums!

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Allright. Thanks! :slight_smile: