Pro forms Step problem tipography from desktop to tablet viewport

Good morning, i create a form with the element pro form step, it is inside section, container, div and the first step it has this text for desktop view (1.Personal Info)
For Tablet and Mobile breakpoint i duplicate the section (with all the container and div) that contain the pro form and the pro forms step (of course i hidden the desktop section and i show this for tablet and mobile) but if i change the step one (1.Personal Info) (from Pro Forms Step element) with another text i see always the text of the desktop breakpoint (1.Personal Info).
Why? It’s a bug? Thanks Davide

Hi :raising_hand_man:t2:

Well… also if you hide these elements, they still are in the DOM. So you’re loading three same “Pro Forms Steps” which are connected to the same form. I think here is the conflict.

Do you really need to create completely new elements for your viewport? If yes, you could create unique IDs for your forms and assign the steps to these unique IDs. Should work this way. But it will be much cleaner to have only one steps instance loaded in the DOM :nerd_face:

Thanks, i resolved :wink: