Pro Forms - unstyled / raw elements

Two days ago I posted something in the Bricksforge Discord channel regarding unnecessary pre-styling of Bricksforge elements. I will paste the original post below.
Daniele asked me to make a forum thread and suggested to add an additional checkbox which applies only minimalistic styling to Bricksforge Pro Forms elements when checked, so the users can style them on their own without the need to overwrite everything. I personally would love such a feature.

He also pointed out that a lot of styles are inherited from Bricks itself and Bricksforge just uses them to keep everything as native as possible. But I think one could even argue that some of the styles are straight up “wrong” and Bricksforge can do better in that regard.

Here is my original post:

Some negative critique incoming. Please keep in mind that I just want to help improve the workflow of Bricksforge and in general I am very happy with it.

So I finally got to test pro forms a bit more on a new site that is going live soon and I have to say I am disappointed with all the pre-styling going on. I might be doing something wrong and in that case I’m sorry and please tell me how to do it correctly, but one example:

I’m using the file element and it has a bunch of pre-styling on a class that is called “.choose-files”, but we don’t have access to edit the styling, because the root selector targets a parent-container of it, so it only works when looking up the class name in the inspector and then targeting the class.
Here is a screenshot of the CSS:

css choose files

Now when I set width to fit-content it doesn’t work, because it’s targeting the wrong element. Also something like line-height: 40px and no padding top/bottom doesn’t make sense because the moment I set my font-size to 40 or above I have no padding anymore or the text even overflows the container. It would be a lot better to use a line-height of 1 and let us set our own padding-values. This is just one example but in the last 2 hours I had a lot of cases where I felt like I have to fight against the existing styling of certain elements.

  1. Find out where certain styles are coming from and 2. delete or override themThat workflow doesn’t feel good. I would much rather prefer elements to have minimalistic styling and give us the versatility of styling them however we want.
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