Problems accessing the website with a custom URL from Backend Designer

Hello! :blush:

I have found an issue with the Backend Designer setting up a custom URL for the login page.

This is what’s happening to me:

  1. I first change the login URL of a site to “dashboard” in the Backend Designer. Hit save!
  2. Then, I try to log in with this custom URL, let’s say
  3. It redirects me to and, there, I see the following error message: The page couldn’t be found. HTTP error 404.
  4. Then, I go back again to and try to log in again.
  5. The second time is always fine!! It redirects me to and logs me in without any problem!

So, I have to follow always that two annoying step process to access to the admin website! :confused:

Is it just me?

I’ve never tried this so I might be completely off the rails here buuut… Even if the second time it redirects you to wp-admin, isn’t that kinda pointless if you want a custom login page? What if you actually create a dashboard page and add a ProForm with the action set to login?


Yes, that would be a solution, but then what’s the use-case for the custom login URL field in the Backend Designer, if not that? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I got redirected to wp-admin after log in, so I can see the backend. That’s fine. But if I access to /wp-admin being logged out, then that page doesn’t work. Which is OK because I have my custom login URL set!

Good question :smiley: I guess what’s not clear to me is whether this functionality is there to mimic

  1. A feature of most security plugins where you just change the url so bots n whatnot skip your site since /wp-admin doesn’t open the login page.


  1. The ability to create a custom login page using Bricks so that you have complete freedom when it comes to the design.

According to the docs, I guess it’s both, so potentially a bug maybe? I guess we’ll have to wait for the grand master to chime in to find out :wink:

Do you have any custom redirects enabled or included via custom code? I cannot reproduce this behavior.

@manc This option is - first of all - for security purposes. This will at least stop the blind bots from finding and accessing the login form :slight_smile:

No, not any redirection I can think of, right now!

If you want, I can give you access to the backend. I am going to write via private message! :slight_smile: