ProForm: Collect forma data and export as CSV/excel

We are building a form for an employee survey and the company would like to analyse the data records more easily afterwards. It would be a handy feature to collect all data of a form and send it to a downloadable CSV.

You can download submissions as .csv, just gotta add a submission action to the form :slight_smile:

Yes, that was my first thought too, but the CSV then only contains the data on when which form was submitted: Form name and time. However, it does not contain the data of the form entry.

Hmm then something is wrong, I just did a quick test:

Honestly no idea what could be causing your data not to be exported… Is everything up to date? Maybe something in the column visibility settings or a Plugin that’s causing a conflict…? Feel free to send logins via PM for further testing :slight_smile:

Holy cow! I tried it on a fresh install/playground and it works as you said. Thanks! I’ll try to get it running on my client’s site.