ProForm Conditions

I am trying to hide and show fields using conditional logic.

I searched the forum but had no luck. My challenge is simple. If I select an option the field shows. I selected another option in the new field another option shows but only certain options would allow this.

Is it possible for you can make a video of the conditions? For simple challenges of showing and hiding fields.

Hope this helps.


Hey @Daniele would u be able to do a short video on conditions…or just guide me?

The process is not straight forward. Looking to show and hide fields.

Hi @Daniele I am struggling with this. Conditional fields. I am trying to sow and hide certain field’s dependant on their state.

Just need some guidance on how to tackle this.

Please see image

Hey! That’s easy :slight_smile: For your Form fields, you can see a “Conditions” group. Here, you can assign various conditions to show the field depending on values of other fields.

For example, if you want to show the second field only if your first field is not empty, do this:

your-first-field-id is the ID you can find under “Custom ID” of your first field.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

That the push I needed …this issue is resolved thank you @Daniele

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