ProForm / Email designer template / form fields as var's

Not sure, but I am a little bit confused.
I created a pro form, e.g. with a textfield as seen below (all other parts removed as not important here).
The email shows the correct value of the text field (name field), BUT ONLY in the “Email Content” Block !!

If I use {{861d46}} as value inside a text field or if I use it inside an if/else condition it will NOT work. Seems, it shows ONLY the raw output like the if/else statement itself (see below), but NOT the result.

So what’s wrong, any idea?
HTML output of pro form

<form id="brxe-tyerst" data-script-id="tyerst" class="brxe-brf-pro-forms" method="post" data-nestable="true" data-element-id="tyerst" data-initialized="true" style="visibility: visible;">
   <div id="brxe-puykaf" class="brxe-brf-pro-forms-field-text pro-forms-builder-field form-group" data-element-id="puykaf" data-custom-id="861d46">
      <label for="form-field-f01940">Name</label>
      <input type="text" id="form-field-f01940" name="form-field-861d46" spellcheck="false" data-label="Name" autocomplete="off">

Output inside email:

{% if 861d46 === 'Alpha' %}
value is 'alpha'
{% else %}
value is NOT 'alpha'
{% endif %}

I think it would make sense to study the email designer documentation to understand the concepts better. For example, this part: Email Designer – Bricksforge Docs

As the docs are mentioning, Pro Forms Field Variables are needing brx_ as prefix. In text related widgets, you would use {{brx_your_id}}. Inside conditional logic, you would write {% if brx_your_id == "123" %}

OK, understood, thanks.

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