ProForm Email field returns odd results

I have an issue with Pro Forms and updating Option fields.

If I create an Option field of type Email in ACPT I can retrieve that field value in Bricks using the lightning bolt drop down.
But If I create a ProForm with a field for the Email address and try and set the initial value to the Email Option field it returns some HTML rather than the field value.

Phone fields and Text work fine - haven’t tested any others.


When setting the value for the Initial Value, include the Dynamic Data filter :plain to strip out HTML tags.

Reference: Dynamic Data – Bricks Academy

Thanks, that works fine.

But why is it needed? I don’t need to add that to display the value in Bricks itself, so just a BF thing?

From the next version on, you won’t need that any more :slight_smile: We change from wp_kses_post to wp_strip_all_tags, except of the Rich Text field. Then you don’t need the :plain filter anymore for this case.

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Whoo hooo, thank you so much!

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