[Proform] Incrementing values requires hidden input to be set to one

Hello everyone,

My Goal
I am currently working on using the Proform to create an upvote/downvote mechanic.

I created a custom field to hold the upvote count and created a form, that only contains a submit button, which will increment the post value.

The Issue
When changing the “Update Post Meta” action settings, you can enter a value in the “Post Meta Value” input.
Then you can select the “Update Type” and select “Increment Number”.
Now the “Post Meta Value” input disappears.

See the two screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/a2jnOsh

Steps to reproduce

  • Create pro form with submit button
  • Select Submit action to be “Update Post Meta”
  • Leave “Post Meta Value” field empty
  • Select “Increment Number”
  • Select the correct custom field of type number

Expected behaviour

  • The number gets increased by one on form submit (regardless of the value of the now hidden Post Meta Value)

Actual behaviour

  • The number does not change (presumably it tries to increment it by the value in the hidden post meta value field?)

More context

If you check the video tutorial you can see, that the field gets filled as well, before it disappears at 4:40
If you skip this step and leave the field empty, the increment won’t work.

Thank you! Fixed in 2.0.17, which I’ll deploy asap :slight_smile: