ProForm + PieCalendar

Hello, Daniele. I am trying to use ProForm with PieCalendar in order to show events o a calendar (Create post feature of ProForm). PieCalendar request T in the Date/Time format, as they say:
„Start date and time are one combined meta field like this: 2010-01-01T14:30:00

End date and time are optional and follow the exact same format.

  • Note the “T” between the date and time.
  • Date format is YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Time format is 24 hour (seconds required).”
    As far as I saw and tested, the ProForm date format is without T. Do you think ProForm has to have T in the format in order to work in this case? Thank you very much.

You can set a custom format via the “Date Format” control. Will mark this as no bug though.

There is no T in the date format of Bricksforge. Tried to put it manually, but doesnt work. Maybe I miss something very obvious :) Should I put the Metabox custom field (date field) somewhere? In the Value field maybe? The thing is that the custom field is mapped already in a code snippet, so the Metabox custom field should be put into ProForm. But I really dont see where to put it.

It HAS TO have the T format to appear in PieCalendar - this is the solution that I use for a simple reservation use case. If the date format is not with T, the calendar doesn’t pull the date from the Metabox custom field to appear on the calendar. I hope I made myself clear :slight_smile:

Can you share a screenshot of your config?


In your screenshot, I see a “Date Format” control, which is empty in your case. You can define a fully custom date format there which matches your needs. Did you try that?

Yes, nothing works. For example I put d.M.YTH:i - doesn`t work.

The ProForm field should take the date from the Metabox custom field. I put the custom field {mb_…} in the value field and the date is not shown in the front-end.