ProForm Submission Not Showing

Hi ! I’m having a problem with form submissions.
I’m creating a new topic because it doesn’t relate to the others I could find.

Simply, the submissions are not displayed in the Submission page.
They are correctly recorded in the DB, but the page is empty.
I get no errors while submitting the form and no errors in the console when loading the page.

What am I missing ?

Short answer : the form submissions were correctly saved in the DB but the post IDs type is set to (INT) by default.
In the past I had to clean my website and re-import data and the post ID counter took a huge leap. My DB is now using (BIGINT) for post IDs, that’s where the issue came from.

I changed the type to (BIGINT) and now it’s working fine.

@Daniele Hi! I’m leaving this here for general knowledge, and maybe this would be useful to you in the future.

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Thanks for clarifying! :slight_smile: