ProForms Repeat Fields


I would love to see Repeat Fields added to ProForms. I would love to have the options to create forms, which have a set of fields repeated by the user.

For example you have an order form: The user has the option to add a repeater (which contains of a select field for the product and another select field of the size). The user then has the possibility to add these repeatable fields over again for a different product & size variant.

I would love to see something like this added to ProForms.

Thanks a lot!

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This is probably something I got stuck on.

I am creating a frontend Admin page.

On this page I have a list of items and a user should be able to add items to the list via ACF repeater by submitting a ProForm.

The list then should be displayed on non-admin frontend page.

So I tried to use Update Post Meta with Add to an array option. The repeater values does not get updated on the ‘Edit Page’ although when I try to render that repeater with {echo:get_field(subfield,postId)}, it displays the array values of the subfield.

Delete from an array also works, but it doesn’t touch my original repeater. Like if there were two repeaters.

I am probably reaching the limitations of BF. But if there’s some way how to achieve this I’d be very grateful for any hints.

As you have seen, the array data is being added and removed correctly, but ACF does not take care about this. The reason for this is how ACF is saving data. There is still some ACF and Metabox compatibility needed in Pro Forms. This will follow asap :slight_smile:

@sebastian Also repeater fields are on the roadmap. Not so easy to handle, therefore it could still take a month or two :slight_smile:


Should it be possible to work around it with custom action hook of the form?

Absolutely :slight_smile: Just use the native ACF helper functions there :slight_smile:

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Hello Daniele, is there any news on this topic?

Or can you show us a sample code to workaround for this?

Thank you.