Proforms Select Fields not accepting default value when using Dynamic Data

Hey Daniele,

Found a bug when using dynamic data to set an initial value in pro forms.

When using something like “{brf_post_status:{url_parameter:id}}” in the value field when using a select field, it doesn’t select the value. Also confirmed the bug exists when using dynamic data and meta fields as well.

Can confirm in the html inspector you can see the correct value.

I added a text box to confirm what the output is, see screenshot.

Hey @Daniele, are you able to look into this?

Did you try the “Conditionally Selected” functionality in the option field? :blush:

Hello… working on a client site and have come up against the same issue. Tried the conditionally selected functionality as well. seems that the VALUE field in the GENERAL tab of the select is not working. not sure why but even directly entering a static value seems broken. Please advise and thank you.

Have the same problem when trying to select a value using URL parameter dynamic data. Works perfect in standad (non-nestable) approach. What do you mean by using “Conditionally Selected”? AFAIK it only let’s you select the value based on post tags or option, not dynamic values like mentioned. Please provide a workaround or fix if it’s in fact a bug :slight_smile:

This bug has been fixed. Currently, if using nestable “Option” field, the Options are not respecting dynamic data from the parent value. The parent value currently only works if adding static options inside the “Select” element repeater.

In the next version, which will be deployed next week, the option fields are handling dynamic data from the parent value. This should solve the problem :slight_smile:


Thank you Daniele… Client updated to 2.1.9 yesterday but I still cannot get any of their “selects” to recognize the value field. The standard (in the “genera tab”) defaults to the first option and the dynamic options (in the “structure panel”) force to the last option. This is what gets saved to the DB. They are acf fields that are properly working in standard proform fields. I also entered a non dynamic “value” and same result. Am I possibly/probably doing something incorrectly?

Feel free to open a ticket. We’ll take a look :blush:

I must apologize Daniele. The client had made several untold changes to the “Conditionally Selected” fields and this is what caused the selects not to work in the latest update. Once again, I am sorry to take up any valuable time on this matter.

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