Pull Data into Bricks using a Rest API

I sent this by email a while ago, but wanted to bring it here:

A lot of builders outside of WordPress allow you to connect to a 3rd party API to bring in data. For example, you could use Airtable or Xano as your Backend API, and then pull that data into Apps like Drapcode, Bildr, Duda, Webflow etc for the frontend.

An example of this done lately is https://www.wized.com/ which looks absolutely insane! (if I didn’t love Bricks/Wordpress I’d be all over that).

Essentially they take a rest API and pull the data in without it being stored in the CMS itself, and you can really use any API you want in a no-code way.

Is something like this even possible with WordPress? (aka pulling in data from a 3rd party API and using that instead of the WP SQL).

Some clients have asked for this, so I’d love to have an external API instead of relying on WordPress/SQL to store the data (especially for us users who might have a lot of records)

@Daniele just following this up. Is this something that’s even possible with Wordpress? :eyes:

@Daniele this now has a post on the ideas board and seems like something users would want: Ideas – Bricks

A really great example of this in a builder is WeWeb - https://www.weweb.io/

Hey :raising_hand_man:t2: that’s definitely planned! But I cannot set an estimated date at the moment. What’s sure: I will focus on that after the 1.0 release.


Hello @Daniele did you cancel it ?