Query loop card checkbox - display chosen data in email designer

Hey everyone!

I am diving deeper into the pro forms and trying more and more complex stuff. This time, I am working on a booking form on website https://nes.previewed.xyz/, in which the user chooses vehicles, crew members and personal info. The vehicles is a repeater (using ACF) inside a custom post type “Vehicle type”, so basically 2 nested query loops but the user checks only the specific vehicle from the repeater. The structure looks smth like this

The crew members are fetched from repeater from options page and the structure looks like this

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 23.39.46

The question I cant figure out is how to display these complex data inside the email designer. I was looking into the twig docs but didnt have much luck. Is there any easy way to fetch the vehicles, which were checked (ideally with images) and list of crew members with selected number for each position?