Radio button select not displaying in Summary

Hi all, I’ve created a simple Pro Form with steps containing 3 sets of Radio Button options plus name, email, message etc. and followed that with a Summary prior to submission. Pretty straightforward you would think. However, none of the Radio Button selections are appearing in the Summary.

What am I missing or doing wrong?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I’ve just, for the sake of trying absolutely everything, set the ‘Show empty fields’ to true and now the Radio Button selections are displayed. So now I’m wondering why that would be the case, as they are clearly not ‘empty’.

Hey! This seems like a bug. I’m back in office tomorrow and check that out. Plan to deploy a new version end of the week. If I found the bug there, it will include the fix :slight_smile:

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Fixed. Will be included to the new version I deploy today :slight_smile:

Awesome. Thanks Daniele :+1: