Radio wrapper native BRF validation not working when moving to next step

Hello, I encountered one more bug regarding the native BRF validation in regards to radio wrapper. It doesnt validate when going to next step. Is this bug or feature and it validates at the submit button?


Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Anyone please? Tried with native browser validation, thats working correctly but then, I cant use custom error messages. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Robert! :slight_smile: Could you create a ticket sending us access? :slight_smile:

Did that, thanks a lot!!

Fixed in 2.2.3. Will deploy this new version in about one hour :slight_smile:

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:bangbang: GOAT :bangbang: thanks a LOT, had to pause the development cuz of clients obstacle so this comes at the best time.

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Hey @Daniele, found one more issue when used multistep form, not sure if I should write here or create new thread so please let me know. Basically when you meet the condition on specific step, you can then teleport to any step (3., 4., 5. etc…), even though the validation on the next step (2.) is set to required. Then in the end, form will not submit cuz there is empty input but at the same time, it doesnt show any error message so its not really intuitive. Thanks!