Required fields should be ignored if they are not triggered by a conditional value

Hi, in Pro Forms, it seems it is impossible to have a required field that is triggered by a conditional value, because if is not triggered, the form cannot be submitted.

A use case of this would be something like

Select field: “Are you filling this form out on behalf of someone else?” (Yes/No)
If yes: “What is your name*”. ← this field can’t be required because if it isn’t triggered, the form won’t submit.

Hmm…normally, Pro Forms should ignore all required states if a field is not visible to the user. Would it be possible to send me access to your site to debug this?

Hi Daniele,

I have the same problem. I have a radio box for selecting whether I want to be contacted by e-mail or telephone. Depending on this, one of the two conditional fields “e-mail” or “telephone” opens. However, Pro Form does not go to the next step if I set both fields to “required”, as the hidden field would also have to fulfill the “required”-condition.
If you want, I can give you access to the website to debug the problem.


Hey guys! :slight_smile: I can reproduce the issue. Will deploy a hotfix asap!

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Fixed. I deploy version 2.0.2 on monday :slight_smile:

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