Scroll Animation only fires once

I’m trying to animate a grid of product cards to move up and fade in on scroll. The animation works but it only fires once, if further down the page there is another grid of cards with the same class (.animate-cards) it has no effect when coming onto view.

Have you tried checking “Handle triggers separately” ? :slight_smile:


I don’t have that option. Here are my settings:

oh you’re using Batch, which makes more sense than the separate triggers in this case. I’ve set up the animation like yours and it seems to be working fine. Can’t think of what could be conflicting rn.

Do you have any other animation targeting that class maybe? If you can’t find anything, feel free to send logins via pm so we can take a looksie :slight_smile:

Thanks for the images, I had it set to from-to which doesn’t work. Also I don’t have the “Selector to animate” don’t know what’s going on there. Seems to work ok on desktop but on mobile the cards appear, then disappear and then they animate. Doesn’t look too good.