Scrollsmoother (GSAP) beta includes scroll speed controls!

@Daniele have you seen this?

This was added to the beta (which is running on most of the sandbox codepens) and allows you to increase scroll speed.

I tried it ramped up to 6 and the results are gorgeous. Silky smooth, enjoyable scrolling for websites that require a lot of space to show off :slight_smile:

Not a feature request yet, as it may not make it to release, but I thought it might interest you.

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Hi @Buttholio,

thanks, great to know! 0.9.4 will include these settings:

When the speed control is out of beta, I will include it as well :wink:


Every single release has been really exciting to anticipate, but I think Iā€™m looking forward to 0.9.4 the most :slight_smile:
Poor F5 :face_holding_back_tears: