ScrollTrigger and Interactions

Our clients have been asking about scroll based animations for two years. Not just scroll into view and bounce animations, but true scrolltrigger animate on both up and down movement animation.

    1. SVG logo animation
    1. Motion on a path animation.
    1. Bascially everything found on the ScrollMagic website Examples - ScrollMagic

Does BricksForge bring ScrollTrigger to Bricks? And can I build all these neat ScrollMagic effects using BricksForge and Bricks?

Second Question: how does BricksForge replace or augment Brick’s Interactions (which looks like standard animate.css type stuff)?

Hi @Melriks

Yes, Bricksforge comes with an interface for animations that you can trigger via ScrollTrigger. You can also draw your paths with Motion Path. Regarding the interactions: The possibilities of Bricks are currently kept very simple. Bricksforge offers more complex possibilities like Observers or interaction with your created GSAP animations.

Feel free to try Bricksforge:
Also you can check our youtube channel for some explainers:

Best regards