Scrub animations laggy on mobile

Hey! I am diving deeper into the GSAP via Bricksforge and I cant figure out 2 things, both happening on

  1. I am creating scrub from to movement on headings. On PC, it works perfectly, on mobile the scrub is bit laggy. Tried to reduce the from to values, higher scrub value, longer animation duration and also delay but nothing seems to work. Any ideas how to fix this? Is this native?

  2. Scrub animations are also kinda delayed on mobile, is it possible to scroll it before the element enters the viewport?

Thanks a lot!

Hey Robert! Personally, I would avoid such animations for mobile devices using Match Media (Bricksforge Panel – Bricksforge Docs), as they can be quite intensive depending on the animation. Basically, we don’t change the behaviour on mobile. The native GSAP code and your corresponding animation will run. Do you have also Scroll Smoothing enabled on mobile? This could increase the lag under certain conditions :slight_smile: