Slider Field not triggering "onblur" for calculation field

Not sure if this falls under bug or feature, But I wanted to point out that I am using a slider field that has two handlers: min and max. I have two numeric fields as well. So handler one is bound to numeric field one and handler two is bound to numeric field two. I also have a calculation field that is doing a simple subtraction formula that subtracts the value of numeric field one from numeric field two. I then have a dynamic data tag using {brf_form_calculation:ID that displays this value “Live”. So the issue is that when using the slider, is that it does not “trigger” the onblur event so that the calculation field calculates the data. But, if I use the “numeric” fields, then of course they work, because the “onblur” event gets triggered. So, is there a way to “trigger” the “onblur” event or another event so that when using the slider field the calculation field will perform calculations? Thanks!

Thanks @Keith. I can reproduce the issue! :slight_smile: Already fixed locally. Will depoy a new version later today :slight_smile:

Thanks! Great job as always!

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