Slider Item Animations

I’ve searched a lot on the forums and Facebook group and saw some talk about slider animations but I’m still a little confused. I have a slider at the top of my homepage with 3 items inside each slide that I am trying to animate.

So far I’ve created the 3 separate timeline animations which all have a trigger of “Custom”. I then created an Event for “On Slide Visible”, then I set my slider ID and set 3 actions for “GSAP Timeline”, and then for my action settings on all 3 actions I have “Animation Action: Play” but for some reason none of my animations are firing.

I’m using a Frames Slider (which uses Splide) and my slide has the id of “brxe-fdjouh” so for my
slider id in my event im using “fdjouh” but I see a 2 console warnings that both say " bricksforge_panel.js?ver=1700270665:1 No Slider found with the ID fdjouh."

Ive attached a screenshot of my Event setup and the direct link to the slider can be found at

Hey :slight_smile: Frames is saving own instances of the sliders somewhere else. Therefore, they cannot be found. Bricksforge will only find sliders from Bricks or BricksExtras.