Slider with GSAP animations inside the slier

Hi all,

More then a year ago I build an slider in Oxygen with GSAP animation for the text. It was a pain in the ass (first time gsap, changing sliders).

The most of my clients are now on Bricks and want to know of this header is simple to replicate with Bricks slider and Bricksforge.

Can anybody help me? GSAP is not my best knowledge. Here is the current website:

Hi :slight_smile:

that should be no problem. But you need to use the SplideJS events to run the animation everytime the slide has been moved. You can find a list of all events here:

Since the version 0.9.6, you can listen for custom events. You need to create the event listener for the related splide instance. You can find all splide instances created from Bricks in the global variable: bricksData.splideInstances. For 0.9.7, I plan include some Bricks Slider Events into the UI. Then it will be really easy to handle your slider animation requirements :slight_smile:

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The first animation is working here: But I have to create an event listener like Daniele advised. This is not my knowledge of webdevelopment. is there anyone who can help me?