Small hints and suggestions …

Global Classes:

  • I can’t edit prefix once I created a class set
  • I can’t create global classes without a prefix, removing the prefix yields an error. In my opinion, I should be able to omit the prefix to support native frameworks that are tailored to some examples.

White Label:

One of these should be implemented (either, not both, first option is my favorite)

  • The “reset colors” button should be “reset” and reset everything (including the image and title)
  • OR there should be a reset logo button

BridgeForge Panel:

  • In a minified version, it is very “flashy”. I don’t mind the design when being all yellow when maximized, but when minimized it really becomes distracting to the point that it makes it hard to focus on the design.
  • Clicking anywhere on the yellow top bar (if you keep it), should minimize and maximize it. Only the icon makes it hard to click quickly. If you add further “tabs” down the line, clicking on a tab when minimized should maximize the panel with that “tab” open.


  • There is a solution missing saving and restore settings, either on an extension level or overall. Either would be better than none.

Great input, thank you Max. I see a lot of points that I want to include in the next updates because they just make sense. :slight_smile:

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