Some bugs form steps

It seems that all style tab options doesn’t work with step form like:
1- there is a 15px margin bottom for this pro form steps and doesn’t change on class level

2- padding for this element (style tab) doesn’t work

3- I can’t set background color either


Please send me access, as I can’t reproduce any of those issues.

-Edit- Ah, you are using the Style tab? This works only for the highest wrapper. You should use the available controls in the Content tab for your configuration.

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I have already sent you the login access

Also the shortcode field in proform, doesn’t render the style on class level

I should apply the styling to the id level

Also when i use shortcode the alignment of the buttons messed up
Please see the image

Cannot reproduce this. Class level styles are rendering fine for me.

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Please see this video

Thanks @Mehdi, I was able to fix these issues. Both, the issue with the submit button, and also, with the next version, you’re able to use the “Style” tab to style the element wrapper :slight_smile:

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Thank you :heart_eyes::pray: