Some feature requests for 3D, and a bug

Hi Daniele,
I want to send a request instead of many posts, so I send them all in this one message. Thank you for your support. (if it is not good please tell me for next time to send them one by one).

  1. some time when we click back to 3d element, nothing shows in content tab and we have to click on another element and click to 3D element again to see it.

  2. Please add break point support for all possible variables in 3D (current variable fields in 3D element). Currently we can’t config a model in other break point. Imagine that in mobile the model not shows at all and we want to have it in the viewport, because we cannot config it’s position.

  3. I think that some types of materials not support, for example in this sketchfab, our model shows like this image in BF.
    A Windy Day - Download Free 3D model by Loïc Norgeot (@norgeotloic) [fb78f4c] - Sketchfab

How can I find and know about the supported material types and limitations? (And if possible please add support them to the plugin only if it’s possible)

Kind Regards

Just here about point 3

in a gltf viewer like it shows up like that as well. According to the description of the model, it was created using python and some other fancy stuff, basically not using a “regular” 3D workflow. The particle animation doesn’t seem to properly convert to gltf/glb.

I would try importing it into Blender/Maya/etc and then bake down the animation into keyframes. That way, the animation looks the same but isn’t based on the wind data or whatever the creator mentioned. Instead, it’s just a good old keyframe based animation. In theory, that should then properly carry over to gltf.

As for materials in general, simple materials usually carry over into gltf pretty well. As soon as you have roughness, metallic and other properties, you’d need to bake the textures down so they get exported as pngs or whatever you choose to use.

Thank you. I familiar with new thinks from your description and see again more precise in that model. That’s much more than what I guess firstly.
How do you “bake down” that animation?

Did u manage to get it imported yet? At first glance that seems a little tricky but easier in Maya than Blender (just based on a quick search, I might be wrong).

As for baking, that depends on which software you’re using and partly also on what kinda animation/simulation it is. Generally though if you google “How to bake animation / simulation to keyframes in [name of software]” you’ll find plenty of video tutorials that’ll explain it a lot better than me composing a wall of text :wink:

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I’m from 3Dsmax and Rhino for architectral use more than other things. Recently I decides to learn learn a little about Blender.
I’ll handle that.
Thank you so much for your time Manc.