Some Presales Questions

I have some questions about Bricksforge:

Will the CSS editor support SASS and compile SASS on save?

You know how ACSS has a settings page for all kinds of parameters (too many to list here), will Bricksforge incorporate a similar UI for such settings?

Animations: What is the page speed impact? I am getting conflicting reports on the animations impact on Mobile devices. Are you loading only when a resource is used? Performance on the front end is very important to me.

Another question; how advanced is the forms tool? Is that something you will be putting an investment of development time into? I specifically need to create front end forms that will according to user role, allow the client to pick a post (cpt) from the presented loop to edit it or create a new post. For forms this is a huge requirement for me. I actually don’t want to allow my clients to the back end at all. I show / hide the ability to edit or add a post according to the user role.

Hi John!

Thanks for your questions! :slight_smile:

You must be talking about the CSS section that lets you create your own global classes, right? Currently SASS/SCSS is not supported here. I’ll have to think about to what extent that may be the case in the future. This will make the class generation process a bit more difficult. But I don’t rule it out.

Regarding the animations and performance: You have the possibility to deactivate the animations for specific breakpoints. Then no gsap code is excecuted. When we talk about performance, here I send you a screenshot from a fresh WP installation with Bricks and Bricksforge installed (Animations activated):

This value is the result for the mobile view.

Regarding the forms: From which “Forms tool” are you speaking? Currently we have no forms addons. We are working on a Multi Step form functionality. Also planned are “Forms Integration”. This will include more actions for the forms, for example: “Create post for Post Type XY”. We still have to think about what exactly we’re going to put in there. But I appreciate your input very much!

If you have further questions, feel free to ask! :slight_smile: