Stagger effect has too much delay when scrolling down a page

I’m trying to use the stagger effect, and it works just fine on page load.
The issue is that there seems to be a “combining” effect of delays or something.

Imagine a page listing blog posts that is 30 items long, single column. When the page loads, only 4 or 5 of them are visible on the screen and they will stagger perfectly, looks great! But now if I scroll down the screen fairly quickly, the rest of the posts are staggering in but it seems like they are coming in slowly. The page will be blank white as the stagger “catches up” to how far I’ve scrolled down the screen.

So all the blog posts in the listing are getting triggered, all in order, in sequence, and the small stagger delays are stacking up and I have to wait a few seconds for the entire list to finish staggering in before the posts in my scroll position even show up.
Of course, if I scroll really slowly, I can watch all the staggers happen as I go. But it is possible to scroll faster than the stagger can run, and that is where the problem becomes obvious.

My question is this; is there a way to force the stagger to “catch up” faster and stay more in sync with my scroll position?

My settings are duration of .4s and the stagger itself is .08s.

I think the way it would be handled is if I’m scrolling faster than the stagger, it should finish the staggers off screen instantly and trigger the stagger within my scroll position immediately, rather than waiting for all previous staggers to finish.

Maybe I’m just doing something wrong?

I also have “Use Batch” enabled because it doesn’t work right without it.