Stagger not working whilest "Handle triggers separately" enabled

If you enable “Handle triggers separately”, stagger won’t work anymore and all class items will get triggered at the same time.

Hmm… I cannot reproduce it locally. Can you send me access? :slight_smile:

I just contacted you via private message and sent you login credentials for the demo page.

Thanks for access! :slight_smile: Everything seems to work as expected. If you want to run staggered gsap timelines when in viewport, you should use batch instead.


Panel Setting:

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Hi Daniele
It does indeed look good now. I’m sorry – didn’t know about this behavior of gsap. After knowing it & digging deeper into it, I just found the same question on their forum: why stagger is not working in scrollTrigger? - GSAP - GreenSock

Thanks for taking your time – definitely no bug :smile:

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Hehe, I came across it recently too. That was the reason why “Batch” has been added as feature :stuck_out_tongue: