Styling Pro Forms – Add classes depending on element type

Hello awesome community :slight_smile:

I am styling a Pro Forms, and I am facing some issues due to the lack of specific classes in each element type.

So far, I have styled my radio type elements to look like this:

To do so, I have set the ul.options-wrapper to display: grid.

So far, so good.

Now, I have added another element to the form: a checkbox. This is also wrapped with an ul.options-wrapper, so it gets the same display:grid I set for the radio element. Which I don’t want to, here!

If BF could add a class to the option-wrapper, like .options-wrapper .checkbox / .options-wrapper .radio that would make so much easy to style differently every type of element on a form.

What do you think? :blush:


Hey! :slight_smile: Thanks very much for opening this post! I’ve already played with the idea to generate an individual class for each form-group AND/OR to give you the possibility to setup a custom class if needed. Hmmmm… what would help you more?

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Hey :slight_smile: Adding the possibility to add a custom class would be great! Thank you Daniele!

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Coming with the next release :slight_smile:


And, this is why Bricksforge is amazing. @Daniele’s responsiveness to user requests is amazing.

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You are totally right, Steve! :blush: