Submissions Not Loading?

Bought Bricksforge today. Excited for the idea!!! So far, struggling with even getting it to work.

When I enable Submissions, create a pro form, and submit (with the Create Submission action created), I then go into the wordpress backend and click the Submissions menu. It never loads.

What am I missing?

Hey :slight_smile: Strange! Could you check if there are JavaScript errors on that page?

Indeed there is. Looks like three.js is outdated, which is odd as I don’t have the 3D extension enabled. The other errors I’m unsure about.

There seems to be some issues with one of your chrome extensions. Could you try to disable one by one and see if it solves the issue?

Disabled all extensions. Still not loading.

Oh. 404…interesting! Could you try:

  1. Re-check if your permalinks are not set to “plain”
  2. Refresh your permalinks.

Does it work then? If not, please send me access to that site in a DM. I will take a look :slight_smile:

It’s a brand new one page site. Permalinks were already set to plain. Sending you a DM.