Submit button and Actions for step buttons

Hi @Daniele

At the moment i think you are working on nestable pro forms, I’d love to suggest some ideas maybe they would be helpful.

** having a separate submit button element

Sometimes we make multi step forms, and we need some actions to be happened after the user hit the next button.
This submit button can also be used in milt step forms by adding two new actions: “next step” and “previous step”.
So we can have more actions in each step: like sending email/sms notifications in the first step and etc.

Note: It can also be used with new server side actions of bricks forge panel, actually it brings infinite possibilities :sweat_smile:

Could you describe a use case for that? And are you talking about something like a JavaScript event?

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Well assume that we want to have a multi step single form
In the first step we want user to insert personal data and while clicking on next step the user will be registered.
Or in some cases we want some email/sms notifications.

Then in second step we want some other extra information and appropriate actions

Another example
I have a customer that asked for verifying the email/phonenumber in the first step and in the second step let the user buy the favorite product

I think if we have one single button (new element) for Nestable pro form
And “next step” or “previous step” become the new actions

What do you think?