Submit multiple Forms at once

Hi, is there a way to submit multiple forms at once?

I am trying to build a “webapp” like tool where users can edit rows for their time tracking.
I can successfully submit each row per row, but it would be nice to have the option to submit from one place and every row gets saved. As i am working with a form and nested things inside, i am unable to build just one form with all the rows inside them (i am using a query loop for the different rows and saving the row index in each row inside a hidden field, that helps me debug the different rows if something fails.).

I also attached a screenshot of my current setup.

To the setup itself: i am using custom php scripts already for retreiving different ACF field things inside the ACF repeater field. I have two (somewhat similar) rows, one static (with a edit button) and a editable row (with the form fields) that get swapped based on a custom attribute called “editmode”. If editmode is enabled, if hides the static row and displays the editable one instead, so the user can edit the row content. this happens after clicking on the edit button on the static row. when the form gets submitted, a custom JS sets the editmode to false again, which hides the editable row and shows the static one instead - it also triggers a page reload, because i cant seem to find a way to automatically update the values with ajax or something else. if you could help me with this also, that would be freakin awesome!

Video for the current setup (demo): Loom Message - 24 May 2024 | Loom