Submit to remote form action page

Is there a way to target a remote form action page with pro forms without using the webhook feature?

I need my form action page to target a 3rd party url action page. I tried using a webhook passing all the form data values but it’s not working and I don’t have access to the 3rd party action page.

I want to be able to hit submit and have the browser redirect to this action page passing the values. I realize that I can do this with a custom form in code widget but I also want to record submissions and have form validation on my end.

I am new to webhooks am assuming sending data to a form action page via webhook is different then just using a standard form post right?

How do you want to pass the data? If it’s not sensetive, you can just add query params to the URL like This way you could get this data easily using PHP in the new page. (PHP: $_GET - Manual). To do this, just redirect to your desired page and use variables to build the url, for example:{{firstname}}&lastname={{lastname}}&age={{age}}.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to respond however I don’t have access to the remote action page as it’s not coded by me if I pass the URL parameters on the URL string is that essentially the same as submitting a form to that page?

I’m not sure if the page is set up look for URL parameters unless that’s essentially what a form post is?

If I create the form in the HTML element using standard html I can set the form action target page and it works perfectly I just need to know how to post my bricks form to a remote action page it seems like this should be a setting such as post action but I don’t think it’s that simple.