Suggestion: Install a Bat-phone

A few of us will remember this.
It was the infamous ‘Batphone’ - an instant link between commissioner Gordon and Batman himself.

I always thought that well-known/respected Bricks devs had access to some sort of a ‘Bricksphone’ between them and Thomas et al. This would allow devs to know which direction Thomas was heading in, without releasing the news to the general populace (along with all the expectations that come with that, eg “wen this? wen that? But you promised!”) thereby avoiding overlapping work, nasty surprises, and inefficient development paths. Turns out, that doesn’t exist.

My suggestion is to create a thread on Bricks forum roughly the same as this, or get in touch directly. The thread (and hopefully upvotes) would be to prove the worthiness of this idea.
I’m suggesting this here because I can’t tell if this is a stupid idea and don’t want to embarrass myself without a sanity check from you guys first.

Threads like the one on the global class manager would be avoidable if Daniele could ask Thomas directly if it was worth his time. Maybe Thomas still has to give the “soon ™” line, but I think tentative ETAs would be given much more readily to a closed group of trusted devs.

I find it is rather cool that Thomas manages to stay under the radar.

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Hadn’t considered the cool aspect :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I’m just looking for a way for all the plugin devs to avoid duplicated work.

Developing 3rd party for Bricks must be absolutely terrifying. They’re pumping out new features here there and everywhere, and if I were developing anything, I’d find myself paralyzed with the fear none of it would be worth it in a couple of weeks.

There is always the risk that thing get replaced by core. The problem already exists in WordPress itself. In that sense, Bricks has already been “replaced” by an ever-evolving Gutenberg. You chose to use Bricks over Gutenberg and for now, I also consider this the better choice. Using BricksForge events over the upcoming Bricks 1.6 events will also be a choice. The underlying code is minimal in both cases and if not used somewhat dormant. The event runtime will be delivered as part of a Bricks JavaScript file and BricksForge does it somewhat similar, but the kilobytes for it are very low and the runtime it consumes is only activated if added. GSAP has as runtime of around 30-40 kb (gzipped).


Point taken!
I’ll hold off on the Batphone threads. Thanks for the advice