SureCart Integration With Email Designer

When a new customer checks out using SureCart, a new user with Subscriber role and SureCart customer role is created.

When testing Email Designer with a new user registration action, no email is fired. SureCart is probably doing something outside of the native WordPress logic.

I know its probably a pain to integrate with a third party app, but It would be awesome to disable all SureCart notifications and run everything through BF Email designer.

My biggest concern would be around updates with SureCart and breaking the integration with Email designer.

Thanks for the consideration.

Unfortunately, SureCart is sending emails from their servers. So there is no filter or other possibility where we can inject the custom EmailDesigner data at the moment :frowning:

I figured so. The SureCart team does several things outside the normal WP operation.
I submitted a ticket to see if there could be something to hook onto in future releases. If they come back with anything useful, Ill update ya here. Thanks Daniele!

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@Daniele Here is what SureCart came back with:

Hey there!

We are using WordPress functions itself to create a new user when one does not exists while completing a purchase.

You can ask the developer of the tool to use the user_register which fires as soon as a new user is created.



Hmm… how the email is look like when a new user registers? Is it the normal WordPress one? Or do you get a SureCart email? Of course SureCart uses user_register to register the user, but what about the email? Will the default WordPress email fire? Or does the email come from SureCart servers? That’s the question. Will take a look on this next week :slight_smile:

This is not a priority by any means. Sure Cart email works just fine :grinning:. I did want to close the loop since they got back to me.

As far as I know, the email comes from SureCart and does not trigger any wp_mail() function. So no WP mail is sent out when a new user is registered.