Template Manager for the Classic Page Hierarchy

I am writing to request the implementation of a native Wordpress template manager for the Bricks Page Builder, as implemented in the BricksForge Plugin. This feature would allow users to surface the regular template hierarchy and map Bricks templates to them.

The addition of this feature would have several benefits for users. First and foremost, it would support the native template hierarchy, allowing for more seamless integration with existing Wordpress themes. It would also allow users to write actual PHP files if a child theme is installed, further enhancing the integration with the theme. Additionally, the mapped templates would show up in the Gutenberg page selector, making it easier for users to find and use them.

This feature would also leverage an established and well-supported mechanism - the Wordpress template hierarchy. By utilizing this mechanism, we can be confident that the feature will be stable and reliable.

Attached is a code sample demonstrating how this feature can already be implemented manually. I strongly believe that the addition of a native Wordpress template manager for the Bricks Page Builder would greatly improve the user experience and the overall functionality of the plugin. Thank you for considering this request.

One potential implementation of this feature would be to allow users to save the mapping files into the Bricks Child theme. This would not only ensure that the templates are easily accessible to editors in Gutenberg via the Template dropdown, but also provide a clear and organized location for storing these templates within the theme. This would allow users to more easily manage and update their templates, as well as maintain the integrity of their theme. Additionally, saving the mapping files in the Bricks Child theme would allow users to take advantage of the benefits of using a child theme, such as the ability to override parent theme files and maintain customizations even when the parent theme is updated. Overall, saving the mapping files in the Bricks Child theme would provide a convenient and organized solution for storing and accessing Bricks templates within Wordpress.

Research material

Sample implementation found on the internet:

Save this as page_blog-design-1.php

* Template Name: Blog Design 1 (Two Columns)


echo '<main id="brx-content">' . do_shortcode( '[bricks_template id="336"]' ) . '</main>';


Here is some further research for running these as virtual templates if a child theme isn’t installed: