Timeline Animation

I have a timeline animation with 3 elements. The first 2 translate animations play properly. However the 3rd is not working. I am just scaling down an image, all to be played at the same time.
It works fine in the builder but wont trigger on the live page? Can you tell me why? I could not upload the video here because its to large. But I put it in the fb group.

Can you check if the html tag of your image is the same as in the builder? If not, the selector may be wrong :slight_smile:

They both look right. I sent a video by email. Perhaps you can spot what I have wrong. Its strange because the animation works in the builder when I hit “Run”. Just not on the front end.

In your setup, you try to animate #brxe-afmtxo. But when checking the image in the frontend, this ID not exists here:

So just add a custom ID to your element or update the selector to an existing one :slight_smile: